trend alert: sun-bleached wood

Hello, Sunshine! What’s new? We thought you’d never ask. Sun-bleached finishes are So. Hot. Right. Now. The only thing hotter is the sun itself (and you of course). Furniture made of driftwood and tropical hardwoods are perfect for creating coastal-inspired design. Light wood finishes have the warmth of “home” while having the carefree feel of your favorite beach house. Pieces with sun-bleached finishes are super versatile and are definitely here to stay a while. They can be accented with cool, calming hues, in light, airy spaces (think spa-inspired bedroom). Or, if you like it hot,  you can create a tropical effect with brightly-colored walls accompanied by upholstery and rugs in bold floral patterns; whatever floats your banana boat. Looks like hair isn’t the only thing that looks great kissed by the sun!

Tradewind collection shown with the Destin bedding ensemble

Tradewind collection shown with the Destin bedding ensemble

Don’t you just love the idea of making your room feel new? Refreshing, isn’t it? Now is the perfect time for new design. And, you don’t have to go all out to make it happen. Refreshing your space is simple. Here are five ways to create a look that’s fashionable and fresh.

Cassidy collection

Cassidy collection shown with the Beacon Hill table, Portsmith table lamp, Inlet canvas, Sandstone vases and Monaco rug

  1. Play with color and patterns. Including patterned upholstery or pillows really makes your design pop. Any color and any pattern will do – it’s up to you. Color is key to setting the mood in your space, so don’t be shy. You just might inspire a refresh revolution.
  2. Show off your natural beauty. Rustic chic elements are a natural fit for a refresh. Not to mention, natural elements like driftwood are strikingly gorgeous in room settings.
  3. Go green. What says “refresh” better than vibrant greenery? Mix in greenery and botanicals of varying heights and textures to breath life into your space. And don’t worry if you’re not a master gardener; you’re still in luck. You can go faux if necessary.
  4. Experiment with new shapes in your space. Think gourd-shaped vases and footed urns. A mixing and mingling of curves and straight lines can keep things interesting.
  5. Let art inspire you. Choose a piece of wall art that you love and run with it. Simply adding a large canvas to a room is enough to make the space feel new!


happy holidays


Wishing you a safe and warm holiday season from our family to yours!

Orleans Polished Style

How about something rich, dark and bold to keep you warm on those cool nights? Coffee sounds good, but our Orleans bedroom collection will suit your taste for sure. The cherry veneers and walnut inlays against a bold wall color makes your bedroom look effortlessly elegant. Shades of deep brown and taupe create an intriguing scene for the senses. Plush bedding and delicate botanicals polish off the Orleans bedroom perfectly.


Check out a few more accents to complete your Orleans polished style.


What’s your favorite way to stay warm on a cool night?

Fall décor? Pumpkins Galore!

Check out these DIY Halloween pumpkins for an inexpensive way to decorate this season.


What you’ll need:

4 pumpkins (2 large & 2 medium)
Black & white paint (we used acrylic)
Purple puff paint
Paint brushes & a round sponge
10 sheets of self-adhesive pearl stickers (5 medium & 5 small)
Spider decoration
Tacky glue


Head to your local grocery store or pumpkin patch and choose four pumpkins of varying sizes.


Next, wipe off the pumpkins with a damp paper towel. Once dry, paint the two larger pumpkins black and one of the medium pumpkins white. (They may need several coats of paint.)


For the pearly web pumpkin, use the medium pearl stickers to create the vertical lines of the web.


The small pearl stickers are perfect for the horizontal arches. To finish this look, use tacky glue to adhere the spider decoration.


For the other large black pumpkin, dot purple puff paint to create a swirled pattern. Or, personalize it by painting your own design!


Incorporate the different colors of your large pumpkins using the designs on the medium two. Keep one of them a natural orange, with black circles sponged on it. Then sponge the purple puff paint onto the white pumpkin. Alternate the pumpkin stems with purple and black paint to help tie all four pumpkins together.

Tell us– what’s your fav way to decorate pumpkins for Halloween?

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