We Love Color Combos!

It’s back-to-school time and that means getting back into the swing of reading, writing and arithmetic. How about a little practice run? Here’s an equation anyone can solve: (teal + green)+ taupe= fab! You’re awesome and so is your style! Check this inspiration board. It’s one of our favorite color combinations. What’s yours?

August color combo

Shown above: Mood Blue canvas, Ovation sofa, Bowden II floor lamp, Heirloom rug, Stratton sofa table, Phalaenopsis floral, Studio One accent chair

Happy Birthday, Amelia Earhart!

A E 7-24-14

Shown above: Avondale Collection

On this day in 1897, the ultimate travelista was born.  Can you guess who it was?  If you guessed Amelia Earhart, you’re right!  As the first woman to circumnavigate the globe while wearing a dress instead of a traditional flying suit, we think she was one of the coolest gals around.  She proved you can be a daring travelista, and you can do it while wearing a fashionable ensemble.  Keep reading for easy tips to channel her soaring style in your space!

-Master the mix of feminine and masculine.  Amelia was a pro at making aviation accessories look feminine.  Do the same in your space by pairing our handsome Avondale Sofa with our Chandelier Lamps- the two make the perfect mix of both styles.

-Incorporate adventurous elements.  Amelia traveled all over the world, and would’ve amassed quite a collection of exotic souvenirs.  Get the same look in your space by adding our Grand Tour Trunk to your fav room- don’t forget to keep smaller trinkets in our Avondale Curios.

-Be an adventurer!  Amelia was anything but hesitant- don’t be afraid to use the same bold style in your space.  Try adding our Classic Figure Wall Art to a traditional room to really make a statement.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

What’s New

Some say true love is at first sight. We thought we’d test that theory, and let you have the first glance at our new Morningside dining collection. Isn’t she beautiful?! Drooling is allowed, but be careful– your food will be jealous. Click on the image for a closer look.


Morningside dining collection accented by Lisbon sconces and Canal Walk wall décor.

Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch

Shown above: Grand Cayman Collection

It’s almost Friday- we’re feeling in the mood for sunshine, a poolside chair, & maybe one of those drinks with a little umbrella!  We all love a good beach vacay, but not everyone can get to the tropics this summer.  If you can’t jet off to an exotic locale anytime soon, you’ll be feeling like you’re sitting in a tropical paradise with these easy steps!

-Use pieces like you’d find in a glamorous beachside hotel.  Our Grand Cayman dining table is the perfect example- the light wood and tropical inspired carvings are the perfect pieces to use when you feel like getting away without leaving the house (you can even stay in your PJ’s- we’ll never tell!).

-Accessorize! Some of the prettiest flowers are native to tropical lands, so style your space with plenty of them.  We love styling our Orchids & our Mango Tree for a vacation inspired look.

-Dress the part! Throw on your best grass skirt and assemble drinks with teeny umbrellas, because you can’t go to the tropics (even if you’re just pretending) without the right atmosphere!  Serve your guests Mai Tais and you’ll be even cooler in their eyes than a bottle of Coppertone.

What’s your fav beach destination?!

a garden party

A party in the garden? Thought you’d never ask. Summer garden parties are the best way to take advantage of the long days and warm nights. Imagine you and (more than) a few friends in a garden surrounded by brilliantly-colored flowers, delightful floral scents and the buzz of bumble bees. Oh wait, no bees. Forget the bees. Why don’t we move the party indoors? It’s easy to create a garden-inspired oasis inside your home. Lush botanicals, floral-printed upholstery and the right accessories are all you need to make your room blossom into a perfect garden-inspired space. We can’t help you plant flowers, but we do plant ideas. Check out our garden party inspiration board.

Garden Party Blog

Shown above: Carrie sofa, Southport cocktail table, Classic Figure wall decor, Langley bowl, Peony 14” floral, Soho hurricane, French Door leaner mirror, Topiary 18” floral, Hillcrest tray, Spring Garden canvas, Apple 11” floral

How do you incorporate floral patterns or botanicals into your décor?

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