staycation: cozy bed & breakfast

It’s the last day of our staycation together. But don’t worry- we have a feeling your staycation style will have lasting effects. Take time for one last wind down in your own cozy bed & breakfast bedroom. Here’s a quick design guide to help you make that happen. We’ve got the beds! You bring the breakfast!

StaycationBBShown above: Cottage Retreat II poster bed, Aviary bedding ensemble, Lille accent table, Marstella lamps, Hey Ewe wall art, D’Orsay accent chest, Downtown rug

Textiles –  Comfort is king here. Thick, shag rugs, textured throws and soft comforters will make you feel cozy and relaxed. Everything from the upholstery to the mattress must scream “relaxing” (or whisper “relaxing” –  apparently screaming is frowned upon at B&B’s)

Furniture – Choose furniture pieces that remind you of a quaint cottage retreat or a B&B. The Cottage Retreat poster bed is the perfect excuse to snooze a little longer. Also, pieces with distressed finishes such as the Lille accent table shown above give your design a “collected” feel.

Botanicals – Fill your space with something naturally pretty. Sounds simple enough, right? Botanicals are often left out of design, but they shouldn’t be. Flowers are beautiful to look at and they automatically bring in the element of life. Hydrangeas are perfect for a B&B retreat – and they don’t even have to be real. Shhhh….your secret is safe with us. Go for faux flower power.

See more tips for nautical and B&B-inspired design.

Snooze in Style: Casual Cottage

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staycation: beachfront property

Who’s awesome, fashionable and doesn’t mind bringing sand to the beach? You! Welcome to the ultimate staycation in your own beachfront property! We’re starting to really love these Home Fashion Workshops. Yesterday it was the spa. Today it’s the beach. And tomorrow, it’s a cozy bed & breakfast. If you channel your inner designer just right, you can do it all without leaving your house. We have everything you need to know to create your beach-inspired living room. All you need is the right accessories, light-colored upholstery and lots of texture.

StaycationBeachShown above: Seascape sectional, Beacon Hill tables, Seagrass Bay lamp, Sandstone vases, Seafoam Wave wall art

Accessories – Let the accessories tell the story. Try a striking piece of wall art to create a water-themed focal point such as the Seafoam Wave wall art. Gather vases and driftwood accessories to evoke memories of a day at the beach. Don’t forget the blue glass orbs. What’s a day at the beach without a little sea glass?

Upholstery – Keep it light and bright. Sticking with white and neutral colors creates an ocean of light for the beach blues and sunny yellows to pop. If you really want to make the upholstery on your sofa stand out, find ways to let in all the natural light you can.

Texture – You may not feel the sand between your toes on your staycation, but you can certainly add it to your design. How about filling a glass vase with sand and shells for visual interest? Try adding the Seagrass Bay lamp for some added texture. A trip to the beach stimulates all your senses and your beach-inspired living room shouldn’t be any different. Now all you need is a fruity margarita and your work here is done!

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Check back tomorrow for ways to create a cottage-inspired bedroom.

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staycation: spa-inspired bedroom

We had a Home Fashion Workshop on Saturday, and it was held at a spa. Just kidding! It was actually better than going to a spa. We discovered three ways to create a dream staycation. We thought it apropos to begin with our best spa inspiration. Designing a spa-inspired bedroom is as refreshing as it is exciting. Best of all, a staycation doesn’t have to end until you want it to. Your bedroom should be the perfect place for you to relax and close your eyes. But, we need you to keep them open for a few more minutes. We don’t want you to miss these tips for creating the most relaxing ambiance ever.

StaycationSpaShown above: Aurora bed, Ava accent chest, Crystal Flat Urn lamp, Carlyle chair, Beaumont mirror, Casual Elegance rug

Color – Choose soft, neutral shades like gray, tan, blue and green. Using bright colors could be overwhelming and incites restlessness. Ummm…that would be very “un-spa” like.

Pattern – Go with minimal patterns.  Having busy patterns can be distracting if you’re trying to relax. Using bedding with solid colors and minimal patterns invites more soothing sleep.

Furniture – Get comfortable with super- plush upholstery. Try a luxurious, button-tufted chair like our Carlyle chair.  It’s perfect for reading and lounging and is highly recommended for napping.

Accessories – Add a touch of glamor with a mirror and other accessories in muted finishes. Be careful of too much shine – you want to still feel comfortable enough to put your feet up. It’ll be like staying in a 4 star hotel and spa but without the bill.

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Snooze in Style: Soft and contemporary

Tomorrow we’ll have design tips for creating a beach-inspired living room.

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traditional design

Even if you’re into eclectic art or contemporary furniture, you must admit there’s something alluring about traditional design. Traditional furniture is unwavering in its devotion to timeless style and endless beauty. It’s no wonder the design world always comes back to the classics. For many of us, traditional design will always have a place in our hearts and in our living room. Traditional furniture can be the superstar in an ultra glamorous dining room or the cozy center of a warm, relaxing bedroom. It’s up to you. Check out a few of our traditional-style collections.

TraditionalSuttonSutton Place collection


TraditionalVillaClareVilla Clare collection


TraditionalSophiaSophia collection

What do you like best about traditional design? Does it remind you of anything like a favorite place, family memories or your favorite Hollywood star?

dictionary: eclectic

Eclectic: a term used to describe a room as “composed of elements drawn from various sources.”

If you follow home décor trends at all, you’ve probably noticed the growing popularity of the eclectic look in the past few years.  This unique style has been seen everywhere from design magazines to celebrity home tours.  Unlike other trends, this one can be surprisingly hard to style in your space- one minute you’re trying to get a cool eclectic look in your living room that looks just like Gwyneth Paltrow’s townhouse, and the next you realize your living room has turned into a colorful hodgepodge of completely random pieces.  Here are our foolproof tips on how to get an on-trend eclectic look in your space:

-Ground the room in neutrals.  Eclectic rooms are generally full of colorful pieces, but the space will flow better if a few neutral elements, such as a beige carpet or wall color, are used to tie it together. Don’t feel limited by color, either- black and white can be eclectic, too!

- Pick a theme.  Part of the charm of an eclectic space is the variety of pieces, fabrics, and textures present.  But be careful- these rooms can go from quirky to just plain old mismatched in a minute if a theme isn’t there to tie them together.  An easy way to do this is to pick a color and incorporate it in the room with different fabrics and textures.

-Make sure you have the right accessories- they can make an ordinary eclectic room extraordinary.  We suggest picking a favorite finish, such as gold or silver, and sticking with it throughout the space.


The classic furniture coupled with a neutral color palette and unique animal print accessories make this Havertys Mandara Collection the perfect example of eclectic style.

How would you style an eclectic look in your space?

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