We’ve all seen those pictures of the homes of the rich and chic. We’ve pored over every detail from furniture to wall color all the while thinking “why, oh why isn’t this my home?” (okay maybe that’s just us – you don’t have to admit it). In our never-ending journey to sublime design, we’ve made some discoveries along the way: 1) Anyone can have home design that’s magazine-worthy and 2) all you need are a few perfect pieces, and your space will rival any magazine cover. Here are some pieces that’ll surely make your house look magazine-worthy. Take a look!

Asian Garden Inspiration

We’re so inspired by Asian garden design we decided to create a perfectly balanced space of our own- one part tranquility, one part simplicity and two parts fabulous. No garden? No problem. Where there’s a zone there’s a zen. We pulled a few pieces to get you started.


The overall feel of Asian-inspired design is fresh simplicity. The Nadira rug is the perfect grounding piece. It’s soft, simple and the muted hues are soothing.



This bamboo tree provides a touch of nature. The separated stalks allow for other elements such as natural light or background botanicals to peak through making it a design delight.




Pagoda Jar II, Pagoda bowl, Pagoda Jar I

Adding asymmetry to your Asian-inspired design is an easy way to tap into your natural creativity. Using odd numbers of colors or accessories adds depth to your space. No two things (or three things) need to be alike.


Tranquility is an essential element to Asian-inspired design. And a candle is the perfect marriage of tranquility and energy. Adding candlesticks or a hurricane candle to your design will create a peaceful, yet energetic element to your space. The Jade Koi framed art hints at the calm nature of water and the tranquil movement of koi.


Fauna hurricane, Jade Koi framed art

An Element of Surprise

Expect the unexpected in Asian garden-inspired design. While subtlety and tranquility may rule the room, it’s okay to interrupt it with an element of surprise. What’s better than a surprise glimpse of glam? Make your space chinoiserie chic with this black lacquer Chippendale mirror.


Have you ever traveled to a place that inspired you to redesign your home?

Labor Day Party Prep

Don’t let summer be just a memory that fades into the dark corners of your mind. End it with a bang! A Mega Mixer! A Backyard Bash! Well, you get the point. Just have fun with it. We don’t want you to work too hard, so here are few tips to keep your Labor Day party planning simple.

Group Of Friends Having Outdoor Barbeque At Home

  • Don’t go overboard with the menu. You’re not in the Iron Chef competition so try to hold back. The old tried and true burgers, potato salad, ice cream and punch still do the trick. Don’t over think it.
  • Even if you’re hosting your party in the backyard, you can put some of your indoor furniture to good use. For example, if you have a moveable bar, place it as close to the back door as possible. Keep it stocked so that when you need to replenish beverages outside, you can just grab them from the bar.
  • Have a themed party. How about an all-white party or a red, white and blue party? Or a luau? Themes provide automatic entertainment and get the guests involved in creative ways.
  • KEEP THE BEVERAGES FLOWING. Yes, we meant that in all caps. Here’s a quick and easy cocktail recipe. You can never be too prepared with your beverages.

Sparkling White Sangria

Serves 6| Hands-On Time: 05m| Total Time: 05m


1 bottle sparkling wine (such as Cava or Prosecco)

1 1/2 cups apricot nectar

1 1/2 ounces triple sec

In a pitcher, mix together the sparkling wine, apricot nectar, and triple sec. Serve in wineglasses.

Recipe courtesy of realsimple.com.

Cheers! Happy Labor Day!

Do you have a favorite party theme? Or do you have a recipe you just can’t have a party without?


Hey, you’re not the only one who looks good in a skirt! Skirted sofas are making their way to the mountaintop of design again. They’re back in the best way, and we can’t get enough. We even love skirted chairs and ottomans too. Check out some of our favorites.


Carrie sofa

Floral, flirty and skirted, our Carrie sofa is a gorgeous addition to your cottage chic look.


Sinclair swivel chair

Remember spinning around in your favorite skirt? Our Sinclair swivel accent chair makes this possible in more ways than one. The cutback arms and skirted base are wrapped in a chic upholstery – and the spinning is endless.


Kathryn cocktail ottoman

You won’t be able to skirt around this ottoman! This show–stopping piece features a stylish, pleated skirt and a glamorous, tufted top.


Willow conversation sofa

The neutral solids and fringed pillow CustomLook options make our Willow conversation sofa such a breath of fresh air – we hope it doesn’t blow up our skirt.

Do you have a favorite piece of skirted furniture? Tell us about it.

A Brush with Design

In case you haven’t noticed, watercolor, watercolor is everywhere! Go ahead and dust off that watercolor paint set you purchased with good intentions. Well, maybe not. It’s probably best if you just buy some watercolor-inspired wall art instead. The entire world of design has dabbled in watercolor this season – from clothing  to upholstery to stationary. Drench your room in water-washed designs in both pastels and rich, concentrated hues. Come on, live a little. What’s life without a brush with watercolor? Check out our Plain Countryside framed art.

Plain Countryside

Do you have a favorite watercolor-inspired work of art? Tell us about it.

Want more watercolor design inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board.

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